Power To The People - Part 2 (Feat. FreeQuency)

from by SexualThunder!

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featuring FreeQuency, New Orleans spoken word artist



It is human nature to seek power
People will spend their whole lives in this pursuit
Without realizing their journey will not be fulfilled
As long as they look externally for something that's within us

They say 'power to the people'
I say the people are the power
The power, as history has shown,
Can be misused, corrupted, exploited for personal gain
But once you remove the human face all that remains is the fist
And this is how we've come to know the nature of power
It is fist
It is force
It is forgetting that if you listen closely all of our hearts beat to the same rhythm

They say power to the people
I say the people are the power
I say the real reason your heart is as big is your first
is that it's just as powerful
And as long as it beats you'll never need the be empowered
Each beat
The rhythm of those who come before you
The booming bass line of those who will come after you
They say 'power to the people'
I say it is not theirs to give
It it yours to live
Dot not ever let another tell you otherwise
It is yours
It is yours


from Cheek Sweat, track released October 25, 2014




SexualThunder! New Orleans, Louisiana

SexualThunder! is a New Orleans based psychedelic funk band. With a message of peace love and understanding, we sing for your body, mind and soul.

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